Open Fitness Journal: February 17


Somethin’ about this week is just kind of fabulous.

Maybe it’s all the leftover love in the air from Valentine’s Day?  who knows…

but I AM NOT COMPLAINING.  It’s as cold as it’s ever been outside this week but I also can’t complain about that because it’s NEVER 20 below zero and that’s kind of new and different.  Maybe just maybe I’m getting excited about weather…



it’s fine.

Question: What’s the best way to keep warm in the polar vortex that is Vermont?

Answer: CrossFit. More CrossFit. Keep doing CrossFit.  Don’t stop CrossFitting. #WeCantStopCrossFitting.

Love it up, move that hella strong body of yours and keep rockin’ out sista.



Warm Up

2 Rounds
10 strict pull ups
20 walking lunges
10 DB strict press
3×10 scap squeezes

Strict Press/Pull Ups
3 x 3 strict press
Rest :60 then complete ME strict pull ups

Snatch Technique Work

AQAP (3 rounds)
10 burpees over bar
20 power cleans (135/95)
30 wall balls (20/14)@10’
rest 3 min between rounds

Open Fitness Journal: February 9



Monday rocked my socks off this week fuhhh-reals.

uhh, Mimi, when isn’t Monday your favorite day of the week?

Oh, still never. Okay.

In case you needed some motivation, maybe check out my post from yesterday on ALL THE BODY LOVE.

I kicked off my #LookBackAtIt Campaign and couldn’t be happier about the response I’ve gotten so far.  I am so grateful that you all are liking and sharing the goings on of be true. be you. be strong.

You guys are serious #rockstars ❤

Warm Up

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

thoracic mobility focus

Squat Cleans

15 minutes to find 1 RM (finally hit bodyweight!!! +3 lbs)

Push Press

4 x 5 @ 65% of 1 RM clean and jerk

Back Squat

16 minutes to find 5RM (omg #PRParty 😉 )



2 pistol squats (each leg)

9 pull ups

2 hand stand push ups

9 box jumps

Ca$h Out: 24 Clean and Jerks @75#

Open Fitness Journal: January 27, 2015


Damn, you look great today…

yeah you go a head and look back at it.  You deserve it 😉

Is it a blizzard where anyone else is and IS IT THE MOST FUN EVER?  I seriously feel like I’m in a snow globe and I wouldn’t want it any other way…

there’s so much more snow for activities now, am I right?


Go out and play and get sweaty and smile.  I insist.

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretch

3 Rounds

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats


Odd: Bench Press 3 x 75%

Even: 6 Kettle Bell Clean (alternating arms)


8 squat cleans (55#)

10 front rack lunge steps (55#)

12 pull ups

Rounds 4 + 4

Open Fitness Journal: October 9, 2014

Why, hello there!

You’re looking absolutely ravishing today.

Have you gotten up and sweat your buns off recently?

Let me tell you, to say that I was sore yesterday would probably be an under statement, but we’ll leave it at that.  Yesterday I was sore and every movement felt like a chore during the two hours I spent in the box last night.  My pull-up complex was barely up to par (up to bar?) and I ended up scaling the ploy-push-ups in the WOD to my knees.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 7.51.13 AM

They can’t all be great days at the box right?  (That isn’t to say that it wasn’t a wonderful day and that I didn’t love working out, because I did.  It was just a little harder than usual;)

But did I mention I climbed up to the top of a rope 12 times yesterday… and that is something I never thought that I could do.

What fear are you going to conquer today?


1000 M Row (Slow)

Dynamic Stretching

5 x :35 Second Hand Stand Hold

Foam Roll (5 minutes)

5 x 30 Second Bar Hang

500 M Row (Faster)


Shoulder Press

5 x 45#

5 x 45#

3 x 55#


5 x 65#

3 x 70#

6 x 80#

(The weights that I am using in these lifts come from a % of my one-rep training max.  They begin at 40% and build up by 10% increments until a max effort at 90%)

12 Minutes to work to 1 RM Split Jerk (from front rack position): 115#

Skill Work

EMOM 10 Minutes: 15 Ab Mat Sit-ups

10 Minutes Double Unders


AMRAP 15 Minutes

1 Minute Hand Stand Hold

15 lateral jump overs (20/12)

20 pull ups

Rounds: 3 + 1 minute hand stand hold, 15 lateral jump overs, 10 pull-ups

Ca$h Out: 

5-Minute Plank Hold on Rings

Cool Down:

1000 M Row