Radical Heavy Liftin’, Pink Wearin’, Veggie Munchin’


Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, where have you been?

Oh you know…

just working too many hours as a waitress, trucking off to Europe for a few weeks, finishing my first CrossFit Open in Amsterdam, and organizing a Love Your Body Challenge.

I have so many awesome things to talk to you beauties about this month and can’t wait to get back to work with y’all.

I thought that it was about time to get back onto this, “treat your body like it belongs to somebody you dearly love,” train.

After all, we’ve only got one body and one life, why does it have to be so hard to love both of them? I have some juicy nuggets coming your way this month, THAT, I am warning you now, ON A WEDNESDAY, that April is going to be so chalk full of positivity and support that every day might just find itself in the running as the best day ever. 😉

Sound like hard work?IMG_1147

Good. It should.

I know I’m ready for it, so you should be too.

Okay, good talk. Thanks for getting so excited with me 🙂

You’re talkin’ this huge game girl, what you go up those sleeves anyways?

Things to look forward to on be true. be you. be strong. in April:

My First CrossFit Open: All the thoughts/all the feels/all the tearsScreen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.09.08 PM

PR Playlist #3: Drake just happened to come out with a new album since the last time we talked, no? YES. YES HE DID.

Escaping Winter: #OopsI’mInEurope…Again

CrossFit: International Fit Family

A Little Love Pt. 1: CrossFit Munich

A Little Love Pt. 2: CrossFit Amsterdam

Previewing of the Love Your Body Challenge: updates on how the trial run is going.



#LookBackAtIt Campaign: The Return Of


That’s just the beginning, are you even ready?

All that cool stuff on top of the already radical WOD-lovin’, burpee-smilin’, heavy liftin’, pink wearin’, veggie munchin’, protein hoardin’, beautiful-bod-cherishin’ fun that is be true. be you. be strong.

Hold on tight babes, this could get really awesome, really quick.

Open Fitness Journal: January 23



I’m getting so much better at this, I swear, listening to my body and understanding when WOD-ing or lifting on some days just isn’t an option.  There’s been a lot of injuries recently at the box I’m training at and most could have probably been avoided by taking just one more day of rest.  Or actually recovering for a day and not just resting. (Remember that article?)

Reason #129841928 why I love CrossFit: it’s functional fitness.  We hammer ourselves day in and day out in the gym and sometimes we get caught up in the fact that we’re not performing as well as we’d like to in WODs, but take a day off from the gym, and go climb up a snowy hill, or stack wood for a few hours, or go skiing…

That’s functional.  Your body will love you.

Love it right back.



Open Fitness Journal: October 11 & 12



Can anyone relate?

As athletes, we slam our muscles day in and day out.

On a good week- I can accumulate up to 20 hours in the gym and even more when you count the recovery runs I take in the mornings to get my blood flowing.  Weather these box hours be lifting weights, pushing myself through heart-pounding WOD’s, or working on my mobility all of these things add up.

When Saturday and Sunday come along I never want to acknowledge it but in order for me to get stronger, I need to rest.  YOU NEED TO REST.  Our muscles need this rest time to rebuild themselves so that next week we can get back at it and continue PR’ing the crap out of our lifts.

Yesterday- I took a four hour walk through the North and Southeast parts of Portland.  I have been living in the Northeast division so I took roads that I don’t usually walk on and found myself appreciating the fall scenery in the Laurelhurst Suburbs.

photo 1

I saw everything from flowers with last night’s rain drops still hanging around to stoner street art (I’m always impressed.) to cute young families loving the sunshine to huge ice cream cones… that I might have eaten…





A huge ice cream cone that I did eat. #TreatDay


Cinnamon Snickerdoodle (Cinnamon ice cream with chunks of snickerdoodle cookies) & Coconut with Salted Caramel Bars (Made with a coconut milk base this one was vegan!)

Let me clarify: Just because you are taking a rest day does not mean stay in bed all day and binge watch Netflix.

Get up and do something that is going to enrich your soul!

Need some ideas?

-Take your puppy for a walk in the woods and soak up the fall colors.

-Take a trip to your nearest weekend farmer’s market on Saturday and stock up on apples for the fresh Paleo Apple Pie (recipe coming soon!) that you’re going to bake on Sunday.

-Plan a pumpkin patch date with your man and spend the afternoon carving spooky faces (and baking delicious pumpkin seeds!)

-Take a walk to a new part of your city that you’ve never explored before (& eat a huge ice cream cone;)

photo 2

One last thing!  Don’t forget to take pictures and Tweet Me! or Tag me on Instagram and add #ActiveRestDay so I can see what awesome things you’re doing this fall outside of the gym.