Open Fitness Journal: April 1-7


There is something really awesome in the air today…

perhaps it’s the sunshine…

or perhaps it’s the fact that The Open is over….

or that my programming today includes some heavy benching…

Whatever it may be, I am not complaining. BUT I am looking forward to the pre-WOD walk I’m going to take this afternoon and sunning myself like a kitten.


Anyways… I thought it was about time I shared my favorite WODs from this past week with you.  I’m feeling so spoiled to be back on my BarbellWOD programming now that The Open is over.

I’m HUNGRY for some PRs, ya dig?

WOD 1:

For time:

50 box jumps (20) *step down
40 KBS (44#)
30 hang squat cleans (65#)
10 strict pull ups

Time: 15 (something?)

WOD 2: 

B. Partner WOD

3 rounds for reps:

1 Partner works while the other partner rests, all movements are completed by both athletes.

1 min box jumps (24/20) *step down
1 min rest
1 min KBS (35#)
1 min rest
1 min air squats
1 min rest
1 min push press (80#)

Reps: 714

WOD 3: 

30 burpees
30 KBS
run 1 mile

Time: 12:48

I find that my favorite WODs are those that leave me burning.  (Kind of like 15.5…. but not actually….)

What did you beauties do today to get sweaty and work that awesome bod?

Instagram me your post-WOD selfies so I can see!! Tag me @trueyoustrong 🙂

be true. be you. be strong.

xo- mimi

A #VeryLate Valentine’s Day Ode To My Box


With the beginning of February also came the one year anniversary of CrossFit Waterbury.

YAY! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, RAH RAH RAH!

A whole year of business.

A year of new members.  New passions.  New PR’s.   New shoes.  New friends.  New goals being chased.  New goals being crushed.

But most importantly a year of teamwork, building a new community of wonderfully unique individuals people who have put their health first and worked their asses off to come together as a family that happens to be fit as f***. (peep the casual flex photo next door….)

To celebrate, CFW held an in-house team competition on the first Saturday in February.

Fourteen teams competed in “Couple’s Therapy” or four WOD’s that went as follows…

WOD 1 

Bear It All

7 minute time clock

20 calorie assault bike sprint

followed directly byIMG_9884

Synchronized Bear Complex (yes, meaning both partners had to be perfectly in sync in order for the reps to count)

building to max of

Clean-Front Squat-Shoulder to Overhead-Back Squat-BTK Shoulder to Overhead

WOD 2: 

Don’t Leave Me Waiting

10 minute time cap

Completed in relay race form

Partner one completes 500 m row

Partner two completes 600 m row

Partner one completes 30 thrusters (35#)

Partner two completes 30 thrusters (45#)

Partner one completes 15 partner over-unders

Partner two completes 15 partner over-unders

Parter Over-Unders: 

WOD 3: 

Positive Communication

150 single-unders (each partner completes)

100 Russian KBS (44/26)

50 burpee box-overs (combined)

50 overhead lunge steps (20/14)

20 dead lift (each partner completes w/ max weight from bear complex in WOD 1)IMG_9886

15 minute time cap

WOD 4 (floater)


Each partner has one try to row and have the meter counter stop as close to 100 m as possible.

Remember how this was a Valentine?


Woah. Why’s it gotta be like that, yo?

I love Valentine’s Day and wish that it happened like once a month.

It’s a day all about love where all I wanted to do was smile at people and tell them how wonderful they are.  Exude all the love.


Can you tell, I’m the biggest and most hopeless romantic out there?10930846_10153084112698728_2858606819884799726_n

“Couples Therapy” taught me a lot of things and I experienced support and encouragement from the fit family competing against one another.  My partner shared competitive confidence with me through his own work in previous competitions and rocked my Nano’s right off when partner-over-unders sucked even when it was ‘rest’ time.  We finished under the time cap because we supported each other to keep going.  Fourth place is pretty freakin’ phenom if you ask me.

I learned that being no-repped still sucks.  It sucks.


Just in case you were wondering.

I was awed by a team of two women, new to CrossFit, working like they’d been friends forever, sweating, and smiling– they reminded me why I started doing this crazy thing called CrossFit.

Sometimes I forget how important frequent high-fives are or how much can be accomplished when the only option is team work, and of the selflessness that is pushing yourself so that you don’t let yourself or your partner down.

‘Couple’s Therapy’ showed me all of this all day long.

FullSizeRenderStrength is so beautiful and sometimes it scares me half to the moon.

When I am given the honor to watch other women hit incredible PR’s of weights that I am working towards that on somedays feel like I’ll never get to, inspires me every time I add more weight.

It is something special to be able to watch another woman clean 150#s and to have my mind register this as both gorgeous and graceful.

That lift isn’t just that lift.

It’s the energy that lights the body on fire and the courage that empowers the mind.

It is the tenacity when we’re so hungry for that weight and the respect for our bodies after fail #5 when it’s just not going to happen.

It is the relentlessness that doesn’t leave room for giving up and the being stronger than yesterday.

That’s pretty bad ass.

Fourteen teams doing allluhhhdat

and #killingit.

Happy Valentine’s Day, CFW.

Open Fitness Journal: January 26


Hey cutie 😉

I know I don’t  need to remind you, but I LOVE MONDAYS.

New week, new party. (Life party, you know?)

What are you going to do this week to get sweaty or to make yourself smile? Make sure you’re Instagramming it all and tagging me (@trueyoustrong) so I can keep up with all the awesomeness!

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretching

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Jump Squats

10 Russian KBS

Front Squat (2 second pause at the bottom)

Sets of 3 building to 120#

Back Squat

set of 8-5-3

building to 3 @ 155#


12 Minute Clock

10 T2B
10 KBS (35#)
10 burpee touches (6″)
20 T2B
20 KBS (35#)
20 burpee touches (6″)
30 t2b
30 KBS (35#)
30 burpee touches (6″)

With remaining time max reps wall balls

1 wall ball (HEY HEY!)

Open Fitness Journal: January 13

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.02.22 PM

Tuesdays are typically challenging for me,

I have to get up really early and usually don’t get my endorphin rush until later in the afternoon.  This is where my mindfulness comes in and I remind myself that I am more than lucky to be able to train as much as I do and just because it isn’t happening RIGHT MEOW, I’ll be working my body hard soon enough.  (ugh, but I WANT IT NOW)

Internal monologue was so real today.

Go faster, stop eating, I’m hungry, you’re just bored.


5 more reps. MY QUADS ARE ON FIRE. 3 more? Time cap? Shit.

Vanilla protein is 12094712487x’s better than the chocolate. GO FASTER.

Dinner? Mimi. Stop eating the world.

Shoot.  I’m still writing this post aren’t I?

Maybe we should talk about staying focused… remind yourself of your purpose today, beauties.  There is a reason you woke up this morning, put those strong legs on the ground and started this day.  If you’re feeling stuck, move.

Go somewhere, do something.  You can do it, no matter how small your world feels.

Be strong today and everyday.

Warm Up

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

4 x :45 sec hand stand hold w/ 15 sec squat hold for rest

3 x :30 sec bar hang (activate shoulders)

Front Squat

5-3-1 sets building to 125#

max reps at 125#

Push Press

5-3-1 sets building to 90#

max reps at 90#

Test new 1 RM: 10# PR? (NO IT’S NOT A QUESTION, IT’S REAL LIFE.) #gainsfairy


15 minute time cap

40 pull ups

40 walking lunges

40 KBS (44#)

40 walking lunges

40 wall balls (14# to 10 ft. target)

EMOM: 1 squat clean (95#)

tbh.. I scaled to power cleans and front squatted the barbell (tired muscle party)

Open Fitness Journal: January 10



With that I’d like to add, that like me, she was hesitant to start coming to CrossFit but she made it through On-Ramp classes in the past two weeks and I’m pretty sure I caught her smiling a bunch during our WOD today.


If that doesn’t inspire you to get up off your butt and try something new, I don’t know what will.

(Maybe this silly video of our mayhem, cluster, warm up this morning will help t00 😉 )

Not only did she do her On-Ramp class this morning but she also stayed for the second class to finish the high-rep metcon that we busted out in 25:04.

Have you gotten sweaty yet today?

xo happy weekend, beauties.

Warm Up

Musical Med Balls (When you get knocked out… burpees in the corner!!!)

Dynamic Stretch


100 Air Squats

100 Shoulder to Overhead (65#)

100 Power Cleans

100 KBS (35#)

100 Kettle Bell Snatch (alternating arms each 5) (35#)

100 burpees

Time: 25:04

Bench Press

building to 5 reps at 85#

followed by:

85# x 5, 85# x 4, 85# x 3, 85# x 2 (x2)

Back Squat

Building to 85% of 1 RM

5 x 2 @85%

5 Rounds Building in Weight

5 Dead Lift, 4 hang cleans, 3 front squats, 2 push jerk, 1 slit jerk

Open Fitness Journal: NYE 2014


Here’s a little sneak peak at my New Years Eve goal setting sesh 😉

Y’all are in for a treat!  (Only because I know you all already know that one of my favorite things in the world is goals… goal setting.. but more importantly GOAL CRUSHING!!!!) #FYEAH

If we’re being honest (which we always are here on trueyoustrong) all of my celebrating happened in the gym on NYE.  I banged out a wicked spicy WOD with some incredibly strong people and it kicked my ass.  I was fast asleep by 10 PM (I didn’t even make it to 11… let alone midnight of the new year!)

Here’s a story for ya too… There’s a box in Vermont, 802 CrossFit and they held a midnight class with a special NYE WOD.  How cool is that?

Instagram me and Tweet me all of the fun and sweat that poured out of you on the last day of the year.  I hope that you got up and got sweaty to ring in all the killer PR’s that are going to happen in 2015 and to thank 2014 for the strength that it gave to you.

#stronglife #happylife



For total time:

3 rounds:
12 thrusters (65)
31 double unders
14 KBS (35)

rest 4 min

2 rounds:
12 thrusters
31 double unders
14 KBS

rest 2 min

1 round:
12 thrusters
31 double unders
14 KBS

Time: 22:25