Open Fitness Journal: February 16


Yasssss Monday was great yesterday.

A proper butt kicking was handed to me atop a pile of pull ups and push ups.

Slowly as this day goes on my arms are starting to scream at me more and more. Guys, come one, we have some more work to do today, you’ll be okay.

To be completely honest, Sunday’s training session sucked and I couldn’t hit anything.  I left the gym feeling really discouraged.

On Monday, I changed my attitude and decided to crush it.  So boom. That’s exactly what happened.

How are you going to change your attitude this week?  Get up and get moving, make yourself smile.

Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

quad and ankle mobility

5 x 15 GHDSU @ 15#

Barbell WOD cycle 2.16.15

Fave part?

3 Rounds 

5 DL @ 155#

5 box jumps @ 24″

Front Squat

3 x 3, 3 second hold at bottom of squat

14 minutes to build to max



10 pull ups

10 push ups

rest 2


9 toes to bar

9 burpees


8 front rack lunges (75#)

8 back squats (95#)

3 + 18, 3 + 2, 2 + 3

(That lil weight change is pretty tricky 😉 )

Open Fitness Journal: January 10


Hi beauties, happy Tuesday again and again.

Maybe where you are it’s still snowing like crazy and you got to get out and play in it today, or maybe the sun came out and you got a little Vitamin-D fix.  Wherever you are, I hope that something made you smile about life today.  In case you were wondering, it’s a great thing to smile about.

And so is your smile.  Keep it up, gorgeous.

I wish that I felt the need to apologize for all of the rap music references but I really don’t

…….so snatches goin’ up on a tuesday (insert girl with her hand in the air emoji #Iknowyouknow)

So many snatches today my gawwwwwd I would have it NO other way, nuh uh.

Now go and dream of squats for tomorrow brings us the great joy that is HUMP DAY.



Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

2 minute squat hold

EMOM 15: 15 weighted sit ups @ 30#

Squat Snatch

building to 6 x 1 @ 85% of 1RM (increase from last week)

Front Squat

4 x 2 @ 80%


15 box jumps



1. :45 second assault bike for calories

2. 4 HSPU

3. 12 KBS (43#)

4. 40 DU

5. 4 Snatches @ 70%

Open Fitness Journal: February 4

Absolutely how my calf muscles are feeling after yesterday’s WOD, which just so happened to be named, “Charlie.”

Oh the irony I’m playing with today, right?

Did you earn your rest day this week?  Have you been busting that cute butt all week?  I hope so.

I know I tell you everyday, but it’s because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Workout because you love your body and not because you hate it.  Your health is the most important thing that you can focus on.

You. Are. Enough.



Warm UP

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

Overhead positioning mobility

Squat Snatch & Snatch Pulls

Snatch: Building to singles at 85%

Pulls: 4 x 5 @ 85%

Front Squat

Building to doubles at 80%

Box Jumps

8 rounds of 10 box jumps every :45 seconds




2 rope climbs

4 bar muscle ups 😉 (Chest to Bar Pull Ups)

9 box jumps (20)

3 Shoulder to Overhead (70#)

2 DB Snatches (each side) 35#

4 push ups

9 pull ups

3 overhead squats

5 rounds

Open Fitness Journal: February 1

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.41.56 PM


We are already a month into the new year, HOLY CRAP.

I hope that didn’t really come as a surprise to you though, I mean, January is the longest month in my book.  There is so much more year to be had, which is freakin’ awesome.

One month down, 11 more to go.  Where will you be January 1st, 2016?  #GRINDGRINDGRIND

You look absolutely spectacular today, if you didn’t know it already.  Please remind yourself,

you are light. you are full.  you are love.



Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

overhead positioning mobility


working sets of two, building to max

Snatch Balance

building to 3 RM (for the day)

Overhead Squat

building to heavy triple

Bench Press

sets of 5 building to 2 RM

Front Squat

max test day (20# PR?! How did that happen?)


bar muscle up technique work






Open Fitness Journal: January 30

Hi Gorgeous ❤

Have you gotten up and gotten sweaty yet?  It’s almost the weekend, so do yourself (body & mind) a favor and earn your day off tomorrow.  Do some booty work for that cute booty, it doesn’t want to be neglected 😉

I dipped my toes in the Bar Bell WOD by Cal Strength today that I’ve decided to start working on on Monday in addition to a 12 week Hatch Cycle session.

I have to say, it was a fun complex today and I already felt strong, so I have #allthebutterflies to start grinding on this strength program for real.

Ugh, can you tell I’m #obsessed yet? I can.

Most importantly about today though, my loves, do something fun and make yourself laugh. Even if that means making funny faces in the mirror or talking to yourself in a German accent while you drive your ca.r(oh you don’t do that #I’mNotEvenKidding)



Warm Up

500 m row

3 x :30 sec hand stand hold w/ 30 second squat hold at bottom for rest

dynamic stretch

3 x 10 GHD back extensions


building to 6 x 1 @ 85% of 1 RM snatch

Front Squat

building to 4 x 4 @ 85% of 1 RM

Hang Squat Clean & Squat Clean

15 minutes building to max


4 rounds for time:

4 C2B pull ups

8 hang power snatch

16 box jump overs

32 double unders


Open Fitness Journal: January 26


Hey cutie 😉

I know I don’t  need to remind you, but I LOVE MONDAYS.

New week, new party. (Life party, you know?)

What are you going to do this week to get sweaty or to make yourself smile? Make sure you’re Instagramming it all and tagging me (@trueyoustrong) so I can keep up with all the awesomeness!

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretching

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Jump Squats

10 Russian KBS

Front Squat (2 second pause at the bottom)

Sets of 3 building to 120#

Back Squat

set of 8-5-3

building to 3 @ 155#


12 Minute Clock

10 T2B
10 KBS (35#)
10 burpee touches (6″)
20 T2B
20 KBS (35#)
20 burpee touches (6″)
30 t2b
30 KBS (35#)
30 burpee touches (6″)

With remaining time max reps wall balls

1 wall ball (HEY HEY!)

Open Fitness Journal: January 13

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.02.22 PM

Tuesdays are typically challenging for me,

I have to get up really early and usually don’t get my endorphin rush until later in the afternoon.  This is where my mindfulness comes in and I remind myself that I am more than lucky to be able to train as much as I do and just because it isn’t happening RIGHT MEOW, I’ll be working my body hard soon enough.  (ugh, but I WANT IT NOW)

Internal monologue was so real today.

Go faster, stop eating, I’m hungry, you’re just bored.


5 more reps. MY QUADS ARE ON FIRE. 3 more? Time cap? Shit.

Vanilla protein is 12094712487x’s better than the chocolate. GO FASTER.

Dinner? Mimi. Stop eating the world.

Shoot.  I’m still writing this post aren’t I?

Maybe we should talk about staying focused… remind yourself of your purpose today, beauties.  There is a reason you woke up this morning, put those strong legs on the ground and started this day.  If you’re feeling stuck, move.

Go somewhere, do something.  You can do it, no matter how small your world feels.

Be strong today and everyday.

Warm Up

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

4 x :45 sec hand stand hold w/ 15 sec squat hold for rest

3 x :30 sec bar hang (activate shoulders)

Front Squat

5-3-1 sets building to 125#

max reps at 125#

Push Press

5-3-1 sets building to 90#

max reps at 90#

Test new 1 RM: 10# PR? (NO IT’S NOT A QUESTION, IT’S REAL LIFE.) #gainsfairy


15 minute time cap

40 pull ups

40 walking lunges

40 KBS (44#)

40 walking lunges

40 wall balls (14# to 10 ft. target)

EMOM: 1 squat clean (95#)

tbh.. I scaled to power cleans and front squatted the barbell (tired muscle party)

Open Fitness Journal: January 5

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.08.59 PM

All this new year stuff is just extra motivating don’t you think?

Which, can you believe that we’re already almost an entire week into it already?


(but no jokes here, because if you’re not having fun then you’re not doing it right.)

It’s Monday again loves!  AND it’s the first Monday of the new year, so if you’re not already sweating, I suggest you hop on up right where you are and bang out some air squats?  hehe NO but really, do something awesome today.  Fill yourself with gratitude and self worth, get stronger, and smile..

be true, be you, be strong.

Warm Up

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

5 x :30 sec hand stand hold

Snatch Complex

Squat Snatch, OHS, Power Snatch, Hang Snatch , OHS

Every 90 seconds (2 x 55#…… building to 85# singles)

Front Squat

10 minutes building to 5 x 2 @ 85%

Back Squat

15 minutes building to max reps at 145#



Even: 12 cal row

Odd: 12 burpees over rower