who else are you going to wink at when you leave the bathroom?

you look freakin’ awesome. 

you are so confident it is refreshing to me.       **surprised face

looking at another smokin’ hot lady: giving her a mental high five.

you will see progress and remember how every day, you. get. better. 

Look back at it

we all come from somewhere that is worth our gratitude. 

(Mental talk game so strong tonight guys and now you know… try it.)


Disclaimer monologue : Something somebody might think (and if they don’t now they will) is this:

‘Look back at it’ could be seen as a potentially degrading statement towards a woman. But real talk: what I take out of it is that it’s a compliment to’look back at it,’ we obviously have got it going awwwn.

2015-02-09 23_14_53

(seriously, Damon Salvatore is already winking at you.)




it! rah rah rah 

Build each other up and take back this saying,

#LookBackAtIt and

give a real compliment and mean it. Nobody deserves to be called fat. Bodies are different. Let’s find some integrity in our strength and be confident, so confident that it’s not a surprise anymore and everything is radical and nothing sucks.

woah… woah… woah…IMG_9933

bing bang boom.


Today I’m sharing with you my #LookBackAtIt campaign where other confident and strong women leave you little nuggets of why bodies are awesome and why we should love them. #AllTheLove #AllTheTime

You guys are rockstars.


Liza Hill, 19 Years Old


Open Fitness Journal: December 9




Seriously, Fridays are for ass kickings and hard work.

Remind yourself that with the coming weekend comes fun to be had and more awesome things to laugh at.

If you’ve been having trouble keeping your chin up lately, keep it up, gorgeous.  You are so worth it and whatever is happening that is making it challenging for you to smile, just remember that next week, you can look back on it and say, hey, I got through that.


Warm Up

2 Rounds Through….

10 squats

10 push ups

10 jumping jacks

WOD 1:

ME 1k row rest



Power Clean x 2 + Push Jerk – building to 125# (!!!!!!)


20 wall balls 14# to 10 inch target
10 push ups
20 box jump overs (no full ext.)

EMOM 16 
15 weighted sit ups (30#)
Split Jerk 1 RM
8 pound PR!!!!! (could I be any more excited about that?)
the answer is no 😉

Open Fitness Journal: January 8

Ha Ha Ha…. so….

this is what all of us Vermonters woke up to this morning….


I told myself, get out of bed, go get sweaty, and make yourself smile, realizing that it isn’t very often I get to experience below zero temperatures.

What’s the point of complaining about them and why are they such a bad thing?

They’re actually kind of fun because every time I go outside I get to dress like this…

2015-01-08 12_51_31

“I can’t put my arms down!!!!!”

Isn’t this fun?  I mean, no other time in the course of the year do I get to wear a bazillion layers and be a walking monster of coziness.

The best way to counteract the cold is to sweat like crazy, don’t you think? GET UP AND GET MOVING and before you know it, Friday will be smacking on that cute butt.

Warm Up

1 mile Airdyne

Dynamic Stretch

3 x 1 minute hand stand hold

2 minute squat hold

Back Squat

15 minutes building to max reps at 150#

Front Squat

5 x 85#

5 x 95#

5 x 105#

5 x 2 @ 85% of 1RM

Clean Pulls from Blocks (above the knee)

Sets of three building to 115% of 1 RM squat clean

Skill Work

Pull Up Technique (Butterfly & Chest to Bar)

Hand Stand Walks



1 squat snatch (70#)

1 Rope Climb

10 Thrusters (70#)

10 DU

Rounds: 3

Open Fitness Journal: January 6


I’m obviously doing quite well with the weather if you can’t tell….

Happy happy happy Tuesday my loves!

I hope you are taking this week by storm already and being the awesome human that I know you are.

The temperatures are arctic and that means all you should be doing is sweating to counter act the cold (at least, that’s how I looked at today.)

All I can say is that I am so looking forward to resting my body tomorrow (even though it will be a work filled day) there will be no working out.  Thus… rest on Wednesday, stronger on Thursday.

With the first week of the New Year under our belts I can say that I feel very accomplished and stronger than I did a week ago– what about you?  Instagram me your gnarly post-WOD selifies and Tweet me all about your awesome PR’s and how, one week into the new year you have yet to skip dinner.

Just in case you forgot… you’re absolutely amaze-balls.  SO KEEP IT UP.



Warm Up

1/2 mile Airdyne, 250 m row

Dynamic Stretch

EMOM 15: 15 weighted abmat sit ups (30#)

Push Press Cycle

Sets of 5 building to max reps at 90#

Skill Work

10 minutes hand stand work

7 x 5 bar dips (working from a barbell set low on a rig, muscle up stuff 😉 )

5 x 5 35# dumbbell rows (alternating arms, 5 sets each side)

Temp Back Squat 


5 x 3 building to 115#


3 Rounds For Reps

1:00 KBS (44#)

1:00 box jumps (20 in.)

1:00 power snatch (65#)

1:00 row for calories

1:00 rest

Reps: 159

Open Fitness Journal: January 4

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.40.12 AM

Weekends are for warriors and that is just what you are.

Keep being strong, wonderful, humans.


Warm Up

1 mile airdyne

5 x :30 sec hand stand hold with :15 sec rest between sets

dynamic stretching

2 minute weighted squat hold (35#)

Back Squat Cycle

15 minutes building to max reps at 145#

followed by

5 x 1 at 145#

Bench Press

1 RM test day

10# PR (what’s up Christmas gains?)

Skill Work

Pull Ups (Butterfly & Chest to Bar)

Max height box jump

Weighted GHD sit ups (10 x 10 @ 15#)

Hand Stand Walks

On New Years Resolutions

As you all know, my favorite day is Monday… because, well, how couldn’t it be?

But then, I realized that the New Year is basically an EPIC MONDAY.  It’s the beginning of a new week… EXCEPT THE BEGINNING OF A WHOLE NEW YEAR.  How cool is that??


pretty much how I’m feeling about 2015 already….

New Year, New Me. STFU. OK?

New year, you’re still you and you’re still awesome.

It’s that time again beauties, where one year comes to an end and another begins.  It’s incredible really that when December ends we all of a sudden have a clean slate to try new things and continue kicking ass.  IMG_9259

I appreciate the idea of a New Years Resolution but in my opinion goal setting is way cooler and applicable to life.


SURPRISE… you’re probably already setting goals and crushing them.

And if you’re not… maybe check out my #WeLoveGoals post from a few months ago, set some damn goals and get back to me in a few weeks with how great it feels to throw down on a goal just as hard as you do the barbell after a jerk PR.


2015-01-03 14_04_37

Instead of writing resolutions in my journal that I know I won’t look at until next year when I do the same thing, I took the morning of the 31st to sit down and really think about the progress that I want to make this year.  Rainbow sticky notes attached to note cards worked absolutely perfect for my sharpie and I to set some goals!

As usual the goals that I set fell into three categories, personal, fitness, and nutrition.

Most of them were strength based goals, PR’s that I want to hit each month and big numbers that I am chasing.  IMG_9303However, there were also many ‘form’ based goals, technique tweaks that I need to focus on in order to support the weights I am lifting.

One of my favorite reminders is that goals are simply dreams with due dates.  

You can dream, and you can wish, and you say I want this, I wish I could do this all day long, heck, all YEAR long… But what good is that doing you if you never meet them?

Dreaming is for the night-time.  Give yourself a date by which you want to not be dreaming anymore, instead you’ll be doing and see how many PR’s you nail in the next month alone.

IMG_9288 IMG_9290  Now, remember way back when, when we talked about accountability?  Example A of why I am sharing with you the goals that I set for myself this year.  I know that in sharing my expectations set for myself that I am even more supported in meeting them with all of you rooting for me too.

Remember that saying…. be true, be you, be strong?

I’m here to remind you that that doesn’t just apply to our fitness levels or time spent in the gym (however much I throw it in your face) there is still another part of us that needs to be healthy, too.  Our minds.

Health in our minds is the reason why personal goals, not based around fitness are important too.

Maybe it’s as simple as,IMG_7512

“I’m going to eat breakfast every morning because it is good for my metabolism.”


“In 2015 I am not going to skip dinner because I am enough.”  (you are enough.)


“If I happen to binge eat I will be more kind to myself because I deserve kindness,”

A few of mine…


REMINDER: Goals don’t have to be life changing proclamations because when you add them all together, little by little they will change your life.  

So how can you do that too?

1. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS!  Be specific and passionate but not unrealistic.  You are strong, you are going to get stronger. See what you want to happen in the next month, two months, six months… year…. and GET AFTER IT!

2. Share them with someone… your workout babes, your boyfriend, your mom, whoever. (ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Twitter & Instagram!)  Anyone who isn’t yourself that can remind you why you started.  Accountability is an incredibly motivating thing.  Plus, I know that you’re not a quitter.  Be STRONG.

3. Make them happen.  Like I said earlier, new year, new me.  NO. That’s not real.  You are you and you are wonderful.  You are working on your health and becoming the best possible human being you can be.  Not to mention a complete badass.  So go out and play.  Play, be a badass, and keep playing.