Open Fitness Journal: January 10


Hi beauties, happy Tuesday again and again.

Maybe where you are it’s still snowing like crazy and you got to get out and play in it today, or maybe the sun came out and you got a little Vitamin-D fix.  Wherever you are, I hope that something made you smile about life today.  In case you were wondering, it’s a great thing to smile about.

And so is your smile.  Keep it up, gorgeous.

I wish that I felt the need to apologize for all of the rap music references but I really don’t

…….so snatches goin’ up on a tuesday (insert girl with her hand in the air emoji #Iknowyouknow)

So many snatches today my gawwwwwd I would have it NO other way, nuh uh.

Now go and dream of squats for tomorrow brings us the great joy that is HUMP DAY.



Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

2 minute squat hold

EMOM 15: 15 weighted sit ups @ 30#

Squat Snatch

building to 6 x 1 @ 85% of 1RM (increase from last week)

Front Squat

4 x 2 @ 80%


15 box jumps



1. :45 second assault bike for calories

2. 4 HSPU

3. 12 KBS (43#)

4. 40 DU

5. 4 Snatches @ 70%

Open Fitness Journal: January 28

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.24.39 PM

me: ‘seems legit…’

Wednesdays are really starting to grow on me in the New Year.

First of all, how don’t you love hump day?  It’s literally a day made for squats.  #AllTheSquats

Seriously, if it’s Wednesday and I haven’t squatted yet, I feel like something is missing from my life.  Wednesdays are all but incomplete without squats.  So squat it out, fools.

The past few Wednesdays have also challenged me with some spicy WOD’s that leave my but rightfully kicked.

Hump day this week was an awesome girl date with the barbell and one of my coaches.

I was reminded of why I do love these movements and how they make my body feel.  I was reminded why I work as hard as I do.  Have you thought about that recently?

Warm Up

1 mile Assault bike

Dynamic stretch

Back Squat

Building to 3 x 155# (so this was supposed to be the programming… but then I just knew that I was going to PR so I kept going heavy 😉 ) #HUMPDAYPR

Squat Cleans

warm up sets


1 squat clean, 1 hang clean @ 75% of 1RM

Squat Snatch

warm up sets


1 squat snatch, 1 hang snatch @ 75% of 1RM

Skill Work

-bar muscle up work

I DID 4 MORE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I never thought it would happen, but believe in yourself guys.  It works!

Open Fitness Journal: January 22


Thursday January 22, 2015 could quite possibly go down in the books as one of my favorite days of all time.  

That’s a pretty big statement.

Here’s why:

It’s been one of those weeks where I have let the bad things build and build until they finally blew up.  Oddly enough, this time I let it all out in one fowl swoop and with my entire world telling me to have a bad day on Wednesday, I kicked it’s ass and proceeded to do the same on Thursday.  

It’s your turn to surprise yourself and do something incredible.

What made Wednesday so great?

An absolutely killer 23 minute WOD, you know, one of those WOD’s where you get butterflies before you do it.

I learned that mid-50 burpees if you smile EXTRA hard then you might actually think that 50 burpees mid WOD is fun 🙂

(The kicker here is that I’m not even joking.)

I also happened to get TWO EFFING BAR MUSCLE UPS on Thursday!!!!!!


lol that one time I set some goals and punched this one right in the face

And of course only took video of the 10 failed attempts and not the two that I got… apparently I only like to show you guys videos of me failing.

Someone needs to keep my ego in check, right?  Might as well be me. 

So what about you?  Who keeps your ego in check?  Who reminds you that you’re awesome?  Who tells you to keep kicking ass and smiling in the middle of a WOD?

It has to be you.

Warm Up

1 mile assault bike

Dynamic stretch

2 minute squat hold

5 x :30 sec hand stand hold

Back Squat

8 x 65#

8 x 85#

8 x 100#


5 x 115#

3 x 130#

3 x 150#

singles building to 170#


1 bar muscle up attempt

Open Fitness Journal: January 16


Okay so even though the general consensus is that Fridays are the best day of the week, I beg to differ.  I still stand by my love of Mondays.  Fridays are typically really challenging for me because I’m exhausted.

Fresh on the honesty: Typically,  I cry a lot on Fridays.

Mentally, I’m like, “can I go to bed, right now?”

Emotionally, I’m like, “can I go to bed, right now?”

and physically, I’m like, “can I go to bed, like two hours ago?”

Can anyone else relate?

Anyways.. there were no tears in Fridays WOD, but I probably could have fallen asleep right on top of my barbell.

So remind yourself- one last push and then #weekend. Keep getting stronger 🙂

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretch

2 Rounds

10 squats
10 jumping jacks
10 walking sampson stretch
10 DB push press

Clean Complex
Hang Squat Clean (above knee) + 2 Front Squat + Hang Squat Clean (below knee)


1 power clean (185/130)
5 lateral burpees over bar
10 double unders

Open Fitness Journal: December 9




Seriously, Fridays are for ass kickings and hard work.

Remind yourself that with the coming weekend comes fun to be had and more awesome things to laugh at.

If you’ve been having trouble keeping your chin up lately, keep it up, gorgeous.  You are so worth it and whatever is happening that is making it challenging for you to smile, just remember that next week, you can look back on it and say, hey, I got through that.


Warm Up

2 Rounds Through….

10 squats

10 push ups

10 jumping jacks

WOD 1:

ME 1k row rest



Power Clean x 2 + Push Jerk – building to 125# (!!!!!!)


20 wall balls 14# to 10 inch target
10 push ups
20 box jump overs (no full ext.)

EMOM 16 
15 weighted sit ups (30#)
Split Jerk 1 RM
8 pound PR!!!!! (could I be any more excited about that?)
the answer is no 😉

Open Fitness Journal: January 5

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.08.59 PM

All this new year stuff is just extra motivating don’t you think?

Which, can you believe that we’re already almost an entire week into it already?


(but no jokes here, because if you’re not having fun then you’re not doing it right.)

It’s Monday again loves!  AND it’s the first Monday of the new year, so if you’re not already sweating, I suggest you hop on up right where you are and bang out some air squats?  hehe NO but really, do something awesome today.  Fill yourself with gratitude and self worth, get stronger, and smile..

be true, be you, be strong.

Warm Up

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

5 x :30 sec hand stand hold

Snatch Complex

Squat Snatch, OHS, Power Snatch, Hang Snatch , OHS

Every 90 seconds (2 x 55#…… building to 85# singles)

Front Squat

10 minutes building to 5 x 2 @ 85%

Back Squat

15 minutes building to max reps at 145#



Even: 12 cal row

Odd: 12 burpees over rower