There was a quote on the wall of my high school English teacher’s classroom that read,

“Without music, life would be unfair.”

Over the course of my 18 (almost 19) years I have discovered this to be so true.  Music can offer a support to us like nothing else.   It can mean the difference between a good workout and a bad workout.  It can explain exactly how we are feeling without us having to say anything.  It can hold us in the moments where we are so overcome by grief that all we can do is sob- but also in those moments where we are overflowing with bliss.

Below are all featured songs/mixes that I have shared with you in previous posts…

My music page is here to aurally stimulate you in any way that you need 😉

Because sometimes you feel like Drake…

Drake Gif

and other times you feel like Drake…

sad drake

The music on this page will come from a few different sources including but not limited to:




any music that I wish to share with you that I can’t find on these sites will come from my personal library…

but go ahead! Follow me on SoundCloud for some awesome tunes right now!

Disclaimer: I’m a weirdo when it comes to music so don’t be alarmed when I share with you a killer EDM mix for your workout on Monday, a sappy country song to fall asleep to (or cry about for like a second) on Wednesday, a funky electro-swing band to get down to on Friday, or some R&B love songs to get you hot and bothered on Saturday all in the course of a week.


(and I might have a a little obsession with Drake, which you will learn about over time but IT’S FINE.)


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