Open Fitness Journal: April 1-7


There is something really awesome in the air today…

perhaps it’s the sunshine…

or perhaps it’s the fact that The Open is over….

or that my programming today includes some heavy benching…

Whatever it may be, I am not complaining. BUT I am looking forward to the pre-WOD walk I’m going to take this afternoon and sunning myself like a kitten.


Anyways… I thought it was about time I shared my favorite WODs from this past week with you.  I’m feeling so spoiled to be back on my BarbellWOD programming now that The Open is over.

I’m HUNGRY for some PRs, ya dig?

WOD 1:

For time:

50 box jumps (20) *step down
40 KBS (44#)
30 hang squat cleans (65#)
10 strict pull ups

Time: 15 (something?)

WOD 2: 

B. Partner WOD

3 rounds for reps:

1 Partner works while the other partner rests, all movements are completed by both athletes.

1 min box jumps (24/20) *step down
1 min rest
1 min KBS (35#)
1 min rest
1 min air squats
1 min rest
1 min push press (80#)

Reps: 714

WOD 3: 

30 burpees
30 KBS
run 1 mile

Time: 12:48

I find that my favorite WODs are those that leave me burning.  (Kind of like 15.5…. but not actually….)

What did you beauties do today to get sweaty and work that awesome bod?

Instagram me your post-WOD selfies so I can see!! Tag me @trueyoustrong 🙂

be true. be you. be strong.

xo- mimi

Open Fitness Journal: February 16


Yasssss Monday was great yesterday.

A proper butt kicking was handed to me atop a pile of pull ups and push ups.

Slowly as this day goes on my arms are starting to scream at me more and more. Guys, come one, we have some more work to do today, you’ll be okay.

To be completely honest, Sunday’s training session sucked and I couldn’t hit anything.  I left the gym feeling really discouraged.

On Monday, I changed my attitude and decided to crush it.  So boom. That’s exactly what happened.

How are you going to change your attitude this week?  Get up and get moving, make yourself smile.

Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

quad and ankle mobility

5 x 15 GHDSU @ 15#

Barbell WOD cycle 2.16.15

Fave part?

3 Rounds 

5 DL @ 155#

5 box jumps @ 24″

Front Squat

3 x 3, 3 second hold at bottom of squat

14 minutes to build to max



10 pull ups

10 push ups

rest 2


9 toes to bar

9 burpees


8 front rack lunges (75#)

8 back squats (95#)

3 + 18, 3 + 2, 2 + 3

(That lil weight change is pretty tricky 😉 )

Open Fitness Journal: January 30

Hi Gorgeous ❤

Have you gotten up and gotten sweaty yet?  It’s almost the weekend, so do yourself (body & mind) a favor and earn your day off tomorrow.  Do some booty work for that cute booty, it doesn’t want to be neglected 😉

I dipped my toes in the Bar Bell WOD by Cal Strength today that I’ve decided to start working on on Monday in addition to a 12 week Hatch Cycle session.

I have to say, it was a fun complex today and I already felt strong, so I have #allthebutterflies to start grinding on this strength program for real.

Ugh, can you tell I’m #obsessed yet? I can.

Most importantly about today though, my loves, do something fun and make yourself laugh. Even if that means making funny faces in the mirror or talking to yourself in a German accent while you drive your ca.r(oh you don’t do that #I’mNotEvenKidding)



Warm Up

500 m row

3 x :30 sec hand stand hold w/ 30 second squat hold at bottom for rest

dynamic stretch

3 x 10 GHD back extensions


building to 6 x 1 @ 85% of 1 RM snatch

Front Squat

building to 4 x 4 @ 85% of 1 RM

Hang Squat Clean & Squat Clean

15 minutes building to max


4 rounds for time:

4 C2B pull ups

8 hang power snatch

16 box jump overs

32 double unders


Open Fitness Journal: January 28

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.24.39 PM

me: ‘seems legit…’

Wednesdays are really starting to grow on me in the New Year.

First of all, how don’t you love hump day?  It’s literally a day made for squats.  #AllTheSquats

Seriously, if it’s Wednesday and I haven’t squatted yet, I feel like something is missing from my life.  Wednesdays are all but incomplete without squats.  So squat it out, fools.

The past few Wednesdays have also challenged me with some spicy WOD’s that leave my but rightfully kicked.

Hump day this week was an awesome girl date with the barbell and one of my coaches.

I was reminded of why I do love these movements and how they make my body feel.  I was reminded why I work as hard as I do.  Have you thought about that recently?

Warm Up

1 mile Assault bike

Dynamic stretch

Back Squat

Building to 3 x 155# (so this was supposed to be the programming… but then I just knew that I was going to PR so I kept going heavy 😉 ) #HUMPDAYPR

Squat Cleans

warm up sets


1 squat clean, 1 hang clean @ 75% of 1RM

Squat Snatch

warm up sets


1 squat snatch, 1 hang snatch @ 75% of 1RM

Skill Work

-bar muscle up work

I DID 4 MORE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I never thought it would happen, but believe in yourself guys.  It works!

Open Fitness Journal: January 27, 2015


Damn, you look great today…

yeah you go a head and look back at it.  You deserve it 😉

Is it a blizzard where anyone else is and IS IT THE MOST FUN EVER?  I seriously feel like I’m in a snow globe and I wouldn’t want it any other way…

there’s so much more snow for activities now, am I right?


Go out and play and get sweaty and smile.  I insist.

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretch

3 Rounds

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats


Odd: Bench Press 3 x 75%

Even: 6 Kettle Bell Clean (alternating arms)


8 squat cleans (55#)

10 front rack lunge steps (55#)

12 pull ups

Rounds 4 + 4

Open Fitness Journal: January 26


Hey cutie 😉

I know I don’t  need to remind you, but I LOVE MONDAYS.

New week, new party. (Life party, you know?)

What are you going to do this week to get sweaty or to make yourself smile? Make sure you’re Instagramming it all and tagging me (@trueyoustrong) so I can keep up with all the awesomeness!

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretching

3 Rounds

10 Burpees

10 Jump Squats

10 Russian KBS

Front Squat (2 second pause at the bottom)

Sets of 3 building to 120#

Back Squat

set of 8-5-3

building to 3 @ 155#


12 Minute Clock

10 T2B
10 KBS (35#)
10 burpee touches (6″)
20 T2B
20 KBS (35#)
20 burpee touches (6″)
30 t2b
30 KBS (35#)
30 burpee touches (6″)

With remaining time max reps wall balls

1 wall ball (HEY HEY!)

Open Fitness Journal: January 24


Oh that’s right, what are Saturdays for? Being a #BadAss

What’s better than having one partner for a partner WOD?


I always miss Saturday WOD’s when I have to work in the mornings, but luckily this week I had off so I got to bust out a partner WOD with two incredibly strong ladies.

I woke up this morning to a message from one of the ladies I partnered with this morning, it said, “Dude, see you in class at ten?  I’m going to need some moral support for this one.”  What better feeling to wake up to then someone looking forward to working out with you.  That kind of support kept me from skipping class (not that I was really thinking about it too much, but hey, no excuses now.)

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretch
2 Rounds
10 no push burpees
10 Russian KBS
20 flutter kicks
500m row

Back Squat

sets of 8 building to 135#


Team “Kelly” — 30 minute time cap

10 rounds for time of:
400m row
30 box jumps (20)
30 wall balls (14)

* Switching every 30 sec

Rounds: 7 + 25

Open Fitness Journal: January 12



just messin’ around with some great fridge magnets

play & lift & be filled with tremendous fire”

Don’t forget that, okay?

Can you believe we’re already two weeks into the new year?  I really can’t.

I must be having so much fun that time is just flying by, right?

Remind yourself of the goals that you set two weeks ago and keep on hammering them.  You were determined when you set them, you believed in yourself two weeks ago, why is it any different now?

Hold yourself accountable and keep kicking Monday’s butt.  You deserve it.

Warm Up

2 Rounds
10 BB Back Squat
10 BB Goodmorning
10 BB Strict Press
Glute activation

Back Squat

building in sets of 5 to warm up

20 RM



Thrusters (55)
Burpee box jump overs (20)

Power Clean

Technique focus– building to 100#

Dead Lift

5-3-1 set structure

building to 3 x 185#

Skill Work

Butterfly pull ups (guys… I did five really good ones in a row 🙂 )