Open Fitness Journal: April 11-21


Happy Hump Day, beauties 🙂

I thought this rainy gross rest day might just be the perfect time to update y’all on this whole process that is healing through CrossFit.  It’s pretty cool stuff. Wanna hear what I’ve been up to?

Well good.  Because even if you didn’t, I don’t know if you heard but I do CrossFit, which means that I have to tell you about it even when you’ve begged me not to.



So anyways… being three weeks into April must mean that there’s been some pretty killer WOD’s and some pretty awesome #gainz being made. You (clap) are (clap) right!!!! (clap)

Not only have the last few weeks brought some spicy sessions on the bod but they’ve also included a few badass partner WOD’s that are slowly starting to work their way to the top of the Mimi’s Favorite Things list.


Along with The BarbellWOD work that I get after Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I am also into my third week of the Hatch Squat Cycle… Am I noticing squat gains yet?

Let’s just say I can hardly wait for the next 7 weeks to retest my maxes as I’m sure they are going to be huge.

And without further a due… this is the other fun stuff I’ve been doing to get all sweaty and what not 😉

WOD 1: April 11Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.03.13 PM

For time:

Thrusters (65#)
Rope climbs

25 thrusters, 5 rope climbs, 20 thrusters, 4 rope climbs (etc.)

Time: 13:31

Partner WOD 1: April 13

“Cindy Learns Burpees”
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

One partner completes 1 round of Cindy, while the other partner completes as many burpees as possible, alternating rounds.

Score is total number of burpees between partners: 238 Burpees

WOD 2: 

1. AB – 10 cal
2. G2OH – 4 reps (135/95)
3. double unders – 40 repsIMG_1660
4. russian swings – 15 reps (53/35)

WOD 3: 

5K Run for time followed by 30 burpees

Total Time: 31 something…. 😉

WOD 4: 

For Time:

20 DB hold squats (45/25)
20 lateral burpees over DB’s
20 DB power clean (45/25)
5 HSPUIMG_1764

Partner WOD 2: 

400m run
20 pull ups
30 wall balls (14 @ 10′)

Alternating movements between partners.. i.e. Partner A runs 400 m while Partner B rests, Partner B does pull ups while Partner A rests.

6 Rounds !!!!

That was fun, wasn’t it?

Tell me what you’ve been up to!  Spring has sprung which means summer is just around the corner! Don’t let that be a stressful thing. You are beautiful.

Let it happen.

What have your WOD’s looked like recently? Have you hit any awesome PR’s? Instagram them to me! @trueyoustrong 🙂 I promise I’ll getcha back!



Recipe: LivingHealthyWithChocolate’s Carrot Cake Truffles

Do I even need to explain anything that says “Living Healthy With Chocolate.”

Me: seems legit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 8.02.46 PM

If you haven’t already check out the wonderful Adriana Harlan on her mouth watering site, Living Healthy With Chocolate.

You won’t regret it….. ever.

One day.. meaning yesterday.. I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a recipe for Paleo Carrot Cake Truffles, suddenly I couldn’t stop thinking about them.  I was on a mission to make these things.

So I did.

IMG_0216“I want to see more of them!!”


I…. uhh….

already ate them all (I had help, don’t worry 😉 )

The only thing I changed was adding chia seeds for a leeeetle extra protein.

Check out this freakin’ scrumptious recipe.  You won’t even really have to pretend that these are extra healthy because it’s basically a salad.  A carrot salad.  Dessert = Salad.  Everyone’s winning. IMG_0240

Recipe: Carrot Cake Dark Chocolate Truffles 

Show some fellow blog love and throw Living Healthy With Chocolate a follow on Insta ❤ IMG_0242

Open Fitness Journal: January 10


Hi beauties, happy Tuesday again and again.

Maybe where you are it’s still snowing like crazy and you got to get out and play in it today, or maybe the sun came out and you got a little Vitamin-D fix.  Wherever you are, I hope that something made you smile about life today.  In case you were wondering, it’s a great thing to smile about.

And so is your smile.  Keep it up, gorgeous.

I wish that I felt the need to apologize for all of the rap music references but I really don’t

…….so snatches goin’ up on a tuesday (insert girl with her hand in the air emoji #Iknowyouknow)

So many snatches today my gawwwwwd I would have it NO other way, nuh uh.

Now go and dream of squats for tomorrow brings us the great joy that is HUMP DAY.



Warm Up

500 m row

dynamic stretch

2 minute squat hold

EMOM 15: 15 weighted sit ups @ 30#

Squat Snatch

building to 6 x 1 @ 85% of 1RM (increase from last week)

Front Squat

4 x 2 @ 80%


15 box jumps



1. :45 second assault bike for calories

2. 4 HSPU

3. 12 KBS (43#)

4. 40 DU

5. 4 Snatches @ 70%

Open Fitness Journal: February 4

Absolutely how my calf muscles are feeling after yesterday’s WOD, which just so happened to be named, “Charlie.”

Oh the irony I’m playing with today, right?

Did you earn your rest day this week?  Have you been busting that cute butt all week?  I hope so.

I know I tell you everyday, but it’s because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Workout because you love your body and not because you hate it.  Your health is the most important thing that you can focus on.

You. Are. Enough.



Warm UP

500 m row

Dynamic Stretch

Overhead positioning mobility

Squat Snatch & Snatch Pulls

Snatch: Building to singles at 85%

Pulls: 4 x 5 @ 85%

Front Squat

Building to doubles at 80%

Box Jumps

8 rounds of 10 box jumps every :45 seconds




2 rope climbs

4 bar muscle ups 😉 (Chest to Bar Pull Ups)

9 box jumps (20)

3 Shoulder to Overhead (70#)

2 DB Snatches (each side) 35#

4 push ups

9 pull ups

3 overhead squats

5 rounds

A Reminder To Love Yourself…

Hey beautiful…

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.08.58 PM

Over the past weekend I took a two hour workshop at IndyYoga in Duxbury, Vermont about Self Care, lead by Indy Ewald (Yoga & Mindfulness instructor) and Angie Anderson (life coach.)  The workshop began in a circle where I had the honor to sit with 20 other women all interested in taking better care of ourselves.


workshop journal doodles

To name a few… there was the woman in her Mid-40’s who had just finished her breast cancer treatment the week before and was now in remission.  There was the mother of three in her 30’s who had traveled all the way from Massachusetts.  There was the 65-year-old woman from England who had moved with her husband to Vermont to start a new life in the states, and then there was me, 19-year-old CrossFitter, recovering from eating disorders, still learning how to navigate in my own life.

I realized as soon as I sat down and faced these women that every woman is still learning how to love herself no matter what age she is.  We put ourselves on the back burner to please others when really we’re flailing in our minds.  I’m not good enough.  She’s prettier than me.  She’s skinnier than me.  She’s stronger than me.  He’ll never notice me.  I’ll never make enough money.  I’ll never hit that PR.  

As women, we’re always judging.  We look in the mirror and judge our eye brows, acne, hair, butt, stomach… need I go on?  I’m sure you’re thinking of exactly what you judge every time, I don’t need to give you more examples.

So I ask you, why is that?

Ladies, where are these confidence issue coming from?  Men?  Other women? Our parents?  Our friends?


Our confidence issues come from ourselves and how we look at ourselves is solely our own.

What I want to share with you is this:

A reminder to speak to yourself with the same compassion you would someone you love unconditionally.  

You are enough.IMG_9643

You deserve to be taken care of.

Be fierce with your self-love, ladies, because you have these crazy mind games working against you.  You have pre conceived notions and self-hate to work through.  Trust me, I know.

DISCLAIMER: I am not perfect.  (In fact, I am probably the weirdest human you’ve ever met, and slowly, I am learning to be okay with that, even though recently, it’s been pretty lonely, I’m learning a lot about independence.)

With independence comes confidence.

This could be uncomfortable, but remember, there is no way we can learn anything without stepping way out of our comfort zones.  It’s like the butterflies you feel stepping up to a loaded barbell, how will you ever PR that lift if you don’t make your body a little bit uncomfortable and pick up the damn bar? 

Body love becomes a little easier for me when I spend hours in the gym everyday, but not because of what I look like.  But because of how I feel.  A five-pound PR will make me feel beautiful and a failed 10# PR makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world because in two weeks, I’ll hit that number, too.IMG_9637

Be patient with yourself because it’s okay to have a bad day. 

Something I learned this weekend:  being in the box is great for my body and being outside is even better for my head.

I’ve been beating myself up about a lot of things this week, feeling frustrated about feelings that I have, a negative headspace I can’t seem to shake, and the fact that I’ve been stuck on one movement for the past week and can’t seem to hit it like I usually do.

But then I climbed a mountain today.  

Not figuratively, like, I literally went for a snowy hike with my best friend and made it to the summit of a mountain and saw the light.

There were steeper parts of the hike that were hard to climb and made my heart beat fast and there were icy parts of the path that were almost impassable– but then in about an hour we were sitting on top of this mountain, sipping on Kill Cliffs, and surrounded by something out of a movie.  We had one of those, “Is this real life?” moments and I was so thankful.  

IMG_9630This could be the most cliché analogy to life or self-love, but today, I got it.  There is something incredible about reaching the summit of something after fighting to get there.  So fight for it.

Be fierce, but be flexible, because it’s okay to have a bad day, too.  

What I will leave you with is this:

A reminder to be fortuitous when fostering an attitude for gratitude towards yourself and all things.  When you foster gratitude for the things that are important to you, (YOU BEING ONE OF THEM)– you will find that your daily intentions will become more pure and the challenges you face in loving yourself will be easier to navigate.

You are light.  You are love. 

Fill yourself up.


xo- mimi