Hi you,

lovely human reading this-

I’m Mimi and I’m glad you’ve found my site.


that’s me. hi 🙂

I’m an 18 (almost 19 year-old) young woman living in the delightful state of Vermont.  I’m currently enjoying a year off from school and building a love affair with CrossFit and clean food.  I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and heal myself of a combination of silent eating disorders that I have struggled with my whole life.

I hope that this site can act as a resource to you while you navigate your own journey towards living a healthy, blissful life.

First time to the site?

Click on the My Story page to read the goods (the bads?) about where I’m coming from.

Click on the Recipes page to find delicious (mostly grain and dairy free) food ideas to cook today.

Click on the Open Fitness Journal page to see what crazy, sweaty things I’m up to today, or tomorrow, or yesterday.

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C’monnnnn, I know you want to!

Get your daily dose of blog updates, self love, and reminders to help you to

be true. be you. be strong.


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