Escaping Winter: #OopsI’mInEurope… Again

My oh my, family vacations….


am I right? Don’t answer that. I know I am.

My post title may be a little misleading because I am not actually in Europe again, but I was.

Over the past two weeks I had the privilege to bounce around Germany and Holland.  I walked my little toes almost completely off my body, people watched the heck out of this strange world we live in, ate some of the nummiest and naughtiest noms I’ve ever had, and learned quite a bit about being kind to my soul when I’m feeling discouraged about my body.

Reminder: Being mean to the world because you are mad at yourself and your body doesn’t make anything better.  Taking out your body frustrations on people you love will make you feel worse: Fact.


The cool thing about traveling is that even if you completely shut down and shut people out, you can still learn no matter how much you resist it.

I have noticed that when I fall out of my routine my mind reacts more aggressively than my body does.  Suddenly, after traveling for for four days and not training I look ten pounds heavier in the mirror, all hell breaks loose, and I go from being a compassionate human who is pleasant to be around to a psycho gremlin who might punch you in the face if you offer me a cookie.

Focusing on the positives aspects of rest helped me through the days where I was unable to get my daily dose of endorphins.

#ActiveRest is the best kind of rest and lucky for me, exploring cities usually means lots of walking. IMG_0628

Active Rest in Montreal meant exploring the brilliant street art that lines the roads.  I am always awed by artwork that can be seen.  Writing is art– but fifteen foot, painted on brick wall, LOOK AT ME work is something special, something awesome.

Have you been to Montreal and wandered around wondering about the art? Check out Word and Colour!

Just sending a little blog to blog love, you know? This site pairs Montreal street art with fictional write ups by those brave enough to share their words. The following is from Word and Colour’s about section on their site. BY THE WAY…AGAIN… CHECK IT OUT!!!


Facebook: Shot 2015-04-03 at 6.26.51 PM

“We believe in people.  We believe that words and colours can inspire new ways of rethinking the world, and raise awareness about existing injustice.   We send art to writers, who write what the colour inspires. We pair the story with the art, with an aim to promote stories that share positive alternatives to mainstream stereotypes- or that confront oppression outright.  We believe that people, once aware, will work to reduce their participation in violence. We love art. And we want you to get involved.”

Sooo.. you just might be crazy if you don’t check out this awesome art!

Mimi, where’d you go after Montreal?


little ol’ me down at the bottom



Active Rest in Munich, Germany meant dodging people in the market and drooling over the most beautiful foods being sold by families who had worked hard to get them there.  I left Germany with a new appreciation for exceptionally fresh and affordable food, that is sometimes challenging to come by in Vermont. (Come on, Spring!)


So finally we ended up in Amsterdam after all of thisIMG_1181

exploring and the only thing better than exploring Germany is..

oh, wow, you’re a really good guesser…


There’s something so romantic about the bikes and canals that each time I’ve been in this city things start to figure themselves out in my head and I find peace.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 6.38.51 PM

After a week of my body battling with my head I was able to find solace in the lights on the water and the grimy side streets.  I saw more people than I’d ever seen in one place in the Leidseplein streets than ever before, each face that passed reminded me that this whole life is an adventure and it’s our job as women to have compassion for our journeys. Be true. Be you. Be strong. Right?

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